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The modeling industry is always changing and M|MÒDA will change with it.  So much of the industry is done with online bookings with models being found for jobs all over the world.  M|MÒDA was put together with that in mind.  My name is Kevin Talley and I come from a modeling background with over 20 years experience.  Being represented by Elite, Wilhelmina, Green Agency, and Micelle Pommier in Miami and with NEXT and FORD in Los Angeles.  I am now a professional photographer with hundreds of photos in the biggest. magazines like PLAYBOY, FHM, Muscle & FItness Hers, Men's Health, Men's FItness, Oxygen, USA Today and more.

I help the talent by building their portfolio (photos) while teaching them about the modeling industry.  My goal is to get the models placed with big mainstream agencies like the ones mentioned above.  With my help, ver 20 models have made it to mainstream agencies.

 Please know this is NOT a modeling school.  I do not require you to take classes that you'll never need.  I do host workshops including acting workshops with Celebrity  actors that will benefit from greatly.  Toni Hudson, Catherine Mary Stewart, Diane Franklin, Jacob Young and Trent Garrett have been in my studio teaching talent the acting side of the business ie. television commercials,  online advertisements and so on.  Plus getting to work one-on-one with theses celebrities is such a huge experience on it's own.

I also use models for jobs that I get as a photographer, giving models a chance to get actual work.  When I get castings for modeling\acting jobs, that I post online to my social media, my models & talent will get first submissions to these jobs.

Will you get work?  No agency can promise you that you will work regularly.  Remember, clients hire the models not the agency.  

What am I looking for?   Models and talent need to be marketable to clients, which is why I host acting workshops as well as model related ones which can only benefit you.  This is not just a local agency.   I have models from Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Australia, Spain and Dubai.  

If you have a look that we are looking for, then please submit your photos and we will get back to you.   

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